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Juan Alanis: The people's choice for StanCo Sheriff
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Education, military service, grooming, and being part of a “good ole boy” clique can be beneficial to a candidate, but these qualities don’t necessarily make the best sheriff.  One reason I’m choosing Juan Alanis is that he has had a passion for this work since he was young and even volunteered as an Explorer when in his teens.  Passion and love for a job are foundational in my estimation. 

Further, Juan wasn’t shown favoritism or groomed for any position he has held while in the Sheriff’s Department. Juan is a striver and worked to earn each position.  And Juan has not been wagged around and promoted as a facsimile by the current sheriff.

Instead of only eight or nine years of interacting with others in the Sheriff’s Department, and most of those years in the same position, Juan has had a wide range of positions and assignments, both in leadership and management roles as well as in the trenches (and formal education).  In these positions, Juan has developed networks, relationships, trust, camaraderie and a broad understanding of what these jobs entail and of how higher-ups’ decisions affect those on down the line. 

Respect is also a big factor in choosing Juan.  Juan doesn’t have to broadcast that he has the admiration and respect of his cohorts and coworkers.  It’s obvious.  Whenever I wear my “Juan Alanis” badge, I get all kinds of positive comments.  Just the other day yet another person working in the Sheriff’s Department said to me, “We had to endorse Dirkse... Adam... well, you know.  But I’m voting for Juan.” 

And respect goes both ways.  Juan never appears arrogant or haughty.  He treats all questions as serious and all people as important and valued.  Juan will be an honest and fresh start for the Sheriff's Department. 

And there are problems with operations at the Sheriff’s Department under our current sheriff.  How many ongoing lawsuits are there?  Do we want to continue this culture and this practice?  I don't! 

Join me in electing the people’s choice for sheriff:  Juan Alanis! 

— Barbara Lewis Jensen