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Lawmakers need to secure our childrens futures
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Dear Turlock Journal,
I was appalled and heart-broken when I heard about the governor’s latest proposed budget.
There will be even more teacher layoffs and larger class sizes if schools lose billions of dollars. Talented students may be unable to attend college if the Cal Grant program is axed. About 70,000 abused and neglected children will suffer if $200 million is cut from foster care programs.
Lawmakers must do everything possible to minimize the severity of these cruel cuts. Other options must be considered such as suspending the current testing requirements that are numerous and costly then perhaps teachers can teach basic skills instead of focusing on test taking skills.
Why not look at suspending the current reserve requirement of school districts so they can truly use the funds for “economic uncertainty” and retain teachers and smaller class sizes so we may have some hope of raising future leaders who can keep America competitive in the world markets.
The budget must look at the services we all need and how to pay for them. Californians need a balanced budget solution that doesn’t severely damage our citizens.
— Terri Pinkney