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Legislators: End lawsuit abuse now
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Dear Editor,

The continued suffering of our local small business community is nothing short of tragic. California’s backwards legal climate is forcing our small business owners to scale back services, lay off workers, or shut their doors altogether.


Plaintiffs’ law firms in our state are incentivized to sue businesses for huge paydays over minor technical errors or unfair legal compliance traps. And while our economy is getting worse, the sad part is that this problem has been around and festered for years. California simply is becoming a bad state to do business.


Our Private Attorney’s General Act (PAGA) has literally been nicknamed the “Sue Your Boss” law. Paired with our complicated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, it seems almost like a purposeful handout to plaintiff’s attorneys—while disabled Californians are an afterthought. Additionally, our new independent contractor law—Assembly Bill 5—has forced thousands of freelance workers out of a job and worsened our unemployment crisis.


Now more than ever, small businesses need our support. Small business owners do not have the resources to fight frivolous lawsuit abuse and handle the fallout of a global pandemic at the same time. This is especially pressing since low-income workers and families will be the hardest hit if businesses are forced pay greater legal expenses or close down altogether.


Sacramento, please fight for local businesses and our hardworking communities. End lawsuit abuse now.


— Josh Whitfield