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Let’s give a helping hand to our neighbors in need

During this unexpected economic downturn, local food banks and food pantries have taken a real hit in terms of loss of funds and volunteers. The unemployed population has increased the demand for food bank services above and beyond the demand it is in times of more plenty. We must support our local food banks that help our nearby friends and neighbors. Cash donations certainly are one of the best ways to aid such non-profits.
Even during the good economic times, our county has a high rate of poverty compared to most of the rest of the California. Local organizations that feed the poor are very much trusted by anyone’s measure. Fighting food insecurity and long-term hunger helps folks with simple things like protecting one’s immune system that helps keep most persons healthier.
The truth be known, that most food banks and panties are not supported by any or no great government funding.  Most rely on private donation. The Salvation Army of Turlock, United Samaritans Foundation, Enclave Community Church and others have established websites where donations can be sent.
In summary, let us directly help or local needy citizens by directing our limited funds to these types of local charities. Let’s give a helping boost to our nearest needy neighbors first.

— Daniel Marsh