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Libraries important resource for adults, children
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I am writing you in support of the Hilmar Library and all that it has to offer to the community. It is important to stop the reduction of hours and possible future closure of the Hilmar Library.


On Aug. 5, it was a pleasure to see Jacqueline Meriam (County Librarian) and Deidre Kelsey (District Supervisor) at an informative community meeting that took place at the Hilmar Library.  The information they provided was helpful, but there are a few gray areas yet to uncover. Another meeting is to take place Aug. 19 at 3:30 p.m.


I have faith in my county officials to make good decision for my community.


Please allow me to share who I am, my past, my present, and my future with you. My name is Ellen Wells. I have resided in Hilmar for almost 42 years (yes, my whole life so far). I graduated from Hilmar High School, went to community college (off and on), recently received an associate’s degree in Business Administration, attended my first semester of California State University, Stanislaus, and in the past I worked as an accounts receivable clerk for 15 years. In my future, my goal is to become a human resource manager.


There are a few things that I wish to use the library for: I do not have the privilege of high speed Internet at home, a resource center is always helpful, a place to receive training and the latest requirements is helpful in many ways, and access to public job boards both online and in-house are helpful in this economy.


Well, I could tell you how great the library is for kids and how cool it is for teenagers, but I believe you already know. The real question is: Do adults use the library too? The answer is: Yes. Even in a small town like Hilmar, there are adults who need the services of the library. This includes book readers, job seekers, and small business owners. Hilmar has a good number of college students at the local UC, CSU and community colleges. Please help everyone achieve by having the library available.


My solution for the success of the Hilmar Library is to implement fees, “for those who can provide payment.” By implementing voluntary fees the library and its patrons can share the burden of cost, such as, implementing a small plastic card fee of $2, a small fee for materials used for those who use non-returnable materials. I realize that his may mean our community will need to participate.  It is up to our community to care about our children’s future by providing community events to help raise funds that will offset all expenses, and keep donations local: At  the Hilmar Library. We as a community need to know what our role is and how we can help. This means educating us in regards to the budget and all issues on the table that may affect the future of the Hilmar Library. For our neighboring libraries in Merced County, let us lead by example and come up with the best possible solutions to support our future.


I look forward to the coming meeting at the library and any possible information you may provide by way of postings at the library, direct mail, or e-mail. Please keep in touch.


“Open a book of the past and it will lead you to the future.” I am not sure who said this, but I could find out in the library.  I appreciate your time and your guidance. Thank you.


— Ellen Wells