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Look before you drive
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This letter is to the lady in the car who was making a right-hand turn from Heather Noel  onto Colorado April 28 at 10:25 a.m. 
I was the gentleman in the  SF Giants baseball cap and sweat pants who was about five steps into the crosswalk  heading to the south side of Heather Noel.
Your car didn't make a full stop and  brushed against my leg. You looked up and saw me there with my arms up in the air and you had a startled look on your face. I stopped and waited for you to pull over; because crazy me, I thought you might want to offer up a simple apology which I would have accepted graciously.
You see this isn' the first time someone has come close to running me down while in a cross walk, but it is the first time metal has actually hit my clothing. I don't know what the drivers in Turlock are thinking about when then come to these stop signs.
I don't know what has caused drivers to forget what a crosswalk means and I surely don't know why drivers do not look BOTH WAYS after legally coming to a FULL stop.
If you would like to offer up an apology, I am all ears. My email is
— Brooks Judd