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Mary Jackson for TUSD Board


Experience and a true stake in the outcome are what matters on the Turlock School Board. That is why I, and many current and retired teachers are supporting Mary Jackson for the Area 4 Trustee position.

Mary graduated from Turlock High and is a product of our Turlock schools system. She has experienced our education system from the inside.

After college, Mary became an investigative reporter. She knows how to research problems and make sense of them. Board members are presented with large volumes of information, prior to meeting. I can assure you Mary does her homework and more so she is completely prepared to make educational decisions.

Mary is a TUSD parent. She has three children who have graduated from or are now attending Turlock schools. Mary has served four years on the TUSD board. She served during a period of uncertainty. She always put student’s safety and health first. She always promoted digital education so our students could continue to make educational progress during the pandemic. Being a school board member isn’t political for her, it is personal. She knows her decisions will affect all of our students, which includes her children.

Mary has lived a life of community service as she also served on the Turlock City Council. Mary did a great job during her first term as a school board member, I urge you to re-elect her to continue doing great work for our students!

— Eric Julien