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Measure B money will stay in Turlock
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The citizens of Turlock will have the opportunity Nov. 4 to make a commitment to fixing Turlock roads by voting YES on Measure B.  Turlock roads have suffered from years of neglect as a result of not having a dedicated funding source and it's time that we take control of maintaining our investment in Turlock’s transportation infrastructure. 

The passage of Measure B will provide an estimated $5.6 million annually that can only be spent on fixing Turlock roads.  I want to make one thing clear, that some people who are running for public office in Turlock City Council do not know that the City Clerk made it clear that 100 percent of money collected through Measure B will be spent only to fix Turlock roads and not a single penny will be spent for anything else. 

Please join me in supporting Measure B.  This is a responsible measure that keeps sales tax dollars in Turlock for the sole purpose of fixing Turlock roads.  I encourage you,  your family  and neighbors to read more about Measure B, and vote YES on Measure B this November.  For more information visit


— Ram Saini