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Measure B will benefit Turlock citizens
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I have attended every Turlock City Council meeting since April of this year. I was very impressed at the way the Council worked together to formulate Measure B. They have come up with a measure that will benefit every citizen in Turlock. Measure B money can only be used to repair existing roads in Turlock. The measure established a citizens' oversight committee to see that the funds go to fix Turlock roads.

Measure B has a seven -year "sunset" clause. In seven year it ceases to exist and the tax ends. Currently, only about 35 percent of the city is in assessment districts, so about 65 percent of the city needs street repairs. The longer the street repairs are put off the greater the repairs will cost.

Last fall, I had to spend $775 to have my vehicle repaired. The shop had to replace the front end components damaged from driving on our poor streets and roads. Vote yes on Measure B.

— Milt Trieweiler