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Nascimento works equally for the benefit of all
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After attending the Turlock City Council candidates’ forum, I am more convinced than ever that Turlock needs a “Tin Cup” ordinance that prohibits council members from voting on issues that directly affect those people who contributed to their campaigns. Only one candidate in District 4 strongly supported this view and it was Steven Nascimento. That is why he has my unqualified support.

He has steadfastly tried to convince his council colleagues that such an ordinance would greatly improve the perception that the City Council works equally for all and is not beholden to those people who can afford to make large contributions to campaigns.  Last year’s debacle over the downtown farmer's market, when the long-successful non-profit organization was replaced by an individual who saw the opportunity to make some money, cemented the perception that money talks when the city council votes on issues.  

I want clean government that works equally for the benefit of all. That is why I am supporting Steven Nascimento.

— Elmano Costa