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Is this necessary?
homeless litter

No matter what one’s personal views are regarding the homeless population or laws which protect homeless, there are laws concerning littering, health and safety. Rules of respect for the residents of Turlock which each city has a responsibility to abide by. As a law-abiding resident of Turlock, I cannot take my trash and dump it in the front of my home, I cannot take my personal property and set it upon a public corner.

So why is this allowed?

The businesses that advertise on these awesome signs along Hwy 99 pay a hefty price to have their business names displayed, even the city proudly displays a sign reminding travelers this is “City of Turlock” where it’s okay to dump your garage along the highway in plain sight so all can see or set up housing on a corner of a main entrance into town. How charming.

What an insult to the hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizens and businesses of Turlock.

— Michael Souza