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Never forget the sacrifices of the martyrs
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This week survivors and our allies around the world pay our respects to the estimated 300,000 Assyrian Martyrs.

I first learned of our family’s survival story through my great grandmother. She recounted her helplessness, as she lay witness to the death of her youngest child, as she and the rest of her family fled the certainty of death on a trail to an uncertain future.

As one of the earliest adopters of Christ, so many have endured unimaginable sacrifice to find tolerance for our existence.

It is with great pride that I represent my community as an elected official for this nation; a nation that not only preaches a tolerance of all faiths but values the celebration of diversity in all its forms.

Our people have become an integral piece of this town. From respected faith leaders and community members to prominent business owners and our current Police Chief; the Assyrian community has firmly planted its roots into this community as we proudly call Turlock home.

On Assyrian Martyrs Day, I openly pray for our people’s continued strength and resolve, through an unwavering commitment to our faith. Today, I pause and pray that we never forget the sacrifices of previous generations

— Andrew Nosrati