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Noise pollution continues around fairgrounds
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Letter to the editor:

As a resident of the neighborhood near the fairgrounds, I am complaining about the loud concerts held there. There was on e this past Sunday. They start at about 3 p.m. and continue until 11 p.m. and after. The noise is deafening, even drowning out my T.V. and I live about three blocks from the fairgrounds.

I have called our local police department, as have many of my neighbors, and have been directed to call the fairgrounds. The fairgrounds, while not refusing to do something, certainly do nothing. There must be someone who is responsible for this noise pollution and could take steps to stop it.

I am calling upon my neighbors who are suffering from this obnoxious noise to please call the fairgrounds at 209-668-1333. The lady to whom I spoke is named April and is at extension 310. Perhaps if they receive enough calls they will take action to remedy this situation.

— Pat Adams