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Nygard is the right person to represent District 10
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We have a chance to send a strong advocate for real people to Congress. Former Riverbank Councilwoman Dotty Nygard RN is running to represent District 10 (you and I) in the US House of Representatives.

As a Registered Nurse working in the emergency room, Dotty has seen that lack of access to care can have devastating personal, familial and financial results. She supports a Medicare-style healthcare for all. 

Jeff Denham says, no.

While working in the Tracy hospital ER for the last 24 years, Dotty Nygard has always advocated for her patients. As part of that patient advocacy, she helped unionize the hospital nurses to give them a voice in safe staffing to protect their patients.

Jeff Denham opposes unions.

As the mother of three, she has seen how current higher education costs are saddling many of our young people with lifelong debt before they ever get a start. We need to have free public education K-16.  We can do it, we have done it before.

Jeff Denham says, no.

Dotty Nygard believes we must leave a more habitable planet for our Kids and Grandkids. We should transition to renewable energy and stop fossil fuel pollution.

Jeff Denham says, no.

Dotty has long been a volunteer with the aid organization RNRN and has responded to disasters both natural and man-made. Now she is volunteering to go to Washington DC to fight for us.

I think we should let her.

— Denece Vincent