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An open letter to State Senate candidate Tim Robertson


 You don’t know me - I am Cesar Alvarado-Gil, husband of your opponent for State Senate Marie Alvarado-Gil.

I know it’s election season and candidates with few achievements and limited integrity resort to attacking opponents with anything they can “dig up,” rather than stand on their record. Normally I ignore such tactics, but now I feel that I have to reach out to you, Tim, to get you to stop attacking my family and endangering the lives of my children.

You see, when you sent your recent “hit piece” alleging that my wife is not “really” a Valley resident because we own a condo outside the district (besides our home in Amador), you included a map with the location and picture of the condo, and even dug up and published its tax records. What (I have to believe) you don’t know, Tim, is that our teenage daughters (who attend college nearby) live there, often by themselves, and are now afraid that pictures of their home and its location are being sent to strangers who may wish to harm them or their mother.

I get that you are not a family man and don’t know about raising a family. I even get that as a union organizer you live off the paychecks of actual workers, and don’t know about the sacrifices it takes to buy a home and provide a safe haven for your children. But, I just cannot get how a man that wants to be a leader can stoop to targeting another man’s family.

I came to the U.S. as a war refugee from El Salvador and had to overcome much to become a professional in this great country. I am blessed to have a wonderful family, and an incredible wife who works tirelessly to serve our community; who has actually built schools and health clinics - not just talks about it. And I’ll be damned if I let you endanger my family. So, next time you feel like sending a “hit piece” targeting my family let’s you and I have words, man-to-man. Your army of spies and “dirt diggers” know exactly where to find me.

— Cesar A. Alvarado