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Our community would be fortunate to have Soiseth as Mayor
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Gary Soiseth recently volunteered to spend a day speaking with high school students about his experiences in Afghanistan and his commitment to public service. After hearing him speak, I felt that any community would be fortunate to have him as a leader. He is intelligent, well-spoken, and most importantly, he is passionate. As a teacher, I value his desire to help the youth of tomorrow discover their potential, and I applaud his efforts to help them achieve their goals. Gary’s ability to connect with the youth of today will help foster the generation of tomorrow.

Being a leader is not just about issues. It is about having a vision for a better future, the desire to lead, and a passion to serve. Gary Soiseth embodies these traits. As an agricultural advisor in a war-torn country, he demonstrated his ability to negotiate agreements among diverse interest groups to achieve positive change. I believe Gary is ready to bring that same bold leadership to his own home town as the next Mayor of Turlock.

— Ann Amador