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Our shared real-life story
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When friends and I watched "Years of Living Dangerously" — the TV series about climate change — we had different reactions.  And some serious conversations resulted. 
One theme is the transformation of some skeptics and deniers when faced with dramatic real-life tragedies.  The science of climate change isn't just numbers and graphs anymore.  And it isn't hard to understand its impacts. 
Our severe drought in California is one example and its devastating for our growers. Now that the majority of us understand that climate change is real and mostly man-made, it's sad to watch our leaders not actually leading on this issue. Their inaction is costing us as taxpayers, hurting our economy, and putting us behind most world countries.  If these "leaders" could embrace science, and take the brave steps forward that we elected them to do, this story will have a better ending. 

— Carol Weed