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Prop 27 will have negative effect on gambling addicts and their families

Dear editor,

I am outraged at even the proposal of Proposition 27. The only people who benefit are the large gambling companies, but it just makes life harder for over 10 million people and their families.

Proposition 27 promises that all of the income that these gambling companies make from sports betting will be used for homelessness programs and given to non-participating tribes, but in the fine print it also says that some of the income will be used for “regulatory costs.” How do we know that they won’t be just taking all the money and leaving the homeless programs and other tribes to fend for themselves? Gambling companies aren’t non-profit, they will try to siphon as much money as they can from anyone they can. 

We have to think about who this proposition will affect, gambling addicts and their families. Over 10 million people suffer from a gambling addiction that's not their fault, their brain has just wired itself to gamble until they don’t even have a penny left and some of these addicts have families that they are responsible for providing for. Proposition 27 just makes it easier for these families to suffer.

— Kyle Matter