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Protect housing for seniors and people with disabilities
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After years of preparation, the opportunity to build Avena Bella, 80 apartments for working families and low income older adults in Turlock, could disappear with the stroke of a pen if the State Legislature approves Governor Brown’s plan to eliminate redevelopment agencies.

Proposed affordable housing developments throughout California are facing the same fate, affecting millions of Californians who would see their housing opportunities vanish.

The debate over redevelopment has focused on basketball stadiums and “Mermaid” bars.  But redevelopment includes 20 percent of its funding to help house people struggling to make ends meet. It is the only stable state funding source for affordable homes.

The biggest need for affordable housing is among families, people with disabilities and seniors living on fixed incomes. Families that need affordable housing often can’t provide healthy food for their children or take them to the doctor because of rent obligations.

Housing advocates have an alternative, workable proposal which allows the Governor to balance the state budget and protect affordable housing while directing nearly two billion dollars to other needs.

We urge everyone to call their State legislators today and tell them to support the DeSauliner proposal which protects housing for seniors, children and people with disabilities.  


— Mary Murtagh, president and CEO of EAH Housing