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Protesting virus is slap in face for healthcare workers

What an absolute embarrassment the May 9th Geer Road protest was for the City of Turlock. Turlock residents, always eager to make themselves look like smooth-brained losers, committed an incredible act of selfishness on Saturday. Turlock currently has the highest number of COIVD-19 cases in Stanislaus County. As of May 8, there are 152 cases of coronavirus in Turlock, 19 people have died, and the county continues to record new cases. Stanislaus County and Turlock especially, is in no position to be mewling for a loosening of restrictions.

Protesting the necessary and important guidelines put in place to slow the spread of a potentially life-threatening respiratory disease that can overwhelm our county’s hospitals, endanger the immunocompromised, and harm our loved ones is a huge slap in the face to the brave people on the frontlines as doctors, nurses, and yes even retail/other essential workers who have and continue to put themselves at great risk for our sakes.

The weather getting hotter doesn’t change anything. Turlock isn’t an island where the outside world can’t touch us. Stay home, grow up, and quit acting like fools. The antique shop will still be there when this is over.

— Allan Perez