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Questions regarding Measure A

In 2018, Turlock ranked third in the state for largest public pay and pension costs yet our average resident only makes $22,847 annually.  Although it is hard not to allocate funds for police and fire services, when examining our current budget, it shows very high benefits packages and pension packages, more than many communities in the state. 

During 2019, the City of Turlock paid our top 4 employees more than the Governor of our state.  The disparities between what the average citizens make and are expected to pay for the high salaries, benefits and pensions of the city employees is disheartening.

Where are the budget proposals as to how the Measure A funds will be spent? The voter pamphlet explanation was long but did not provide specifics about the spending of the money.  The measure states many general items such as supporting our fire and police departments but it does not state how Measure A will support the departments.

How much did it cost Turlock to print and send the flyers to all households despite the fact the city is not to advocate for a yes or no vote on a measure?

— Diane Rose