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Questions to consider
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If vaccines are as safe and effective as our government and vaccine proponents claim, answering these questions will be easy and reassuring.

If the polio vaccine eliminated the disease, why did researchers and its inventor feel the shot was unnecessary? Did the 98 million doses contaminated with SV-40 lead to the HIV epidemic 25 years later?

If medicine is scientific, why can the same vaccine cause responses in the recipient as varied as redness of the injection site, anaphylactic shock, convulsions, death, hives, difficulty breathing, encephalopathy, swelling of the skull (fontanel), etc...?

Why are vaccine manufacturers and doctors not liable for lawsuits for vaccine damage, but instead the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act handles and settles all claims without a trial? Why did the first cases of autism occur in Boston in 1942, following vaccination and autism now affects one in 50 U.S. children?

Why are there no controlled studies of safety or effectiveness comparing a vaccinated and an unvaccinated group? Wouldn't this quiet all the skeptics (or bring the multibillion dollar industry to a halt)? Why did the U.S. death rates fall by 82 percent between 1900 and1932 among children for all infectious diseases (before vaccines)?

Why have tens of thousands of mothers who watched their children change completely after vaccines, been left permanently helpless and heartbroken?

— Dave Dubyak