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A reckless recall
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I was disappointed to read in the Turlock Journal (7/18/20) about the beginning of a recall effort against Councilmember Nosrati.  I was on the Hughson City Council 10 years ago when three other Councilmembers were successfully recalled. The residents of Hughson deemed the recall necessary given verifiable facts stated in the Stanislaus Grand Jury report showing a pattern of egregious illegal behavior. In my view, none of the stated justifications for Nosrati’s recall, if true, come close to meeting any reasonable standard for a recall. 

Recalls are time consuming and expensive. Time and money are two things the City of Turlock does not have to spare right now. Before Covid-19 emerged and severely damaged our economy and municipal finances, Turlock’s fiscal health was precarious at best. We are now in a crisis of historic proportions. Launching an unfounded recall effort right now is unfortunate proof of a lack of awareness of the severity of the challenges facing us.

To engage in these politics of personal destruction will no doubt bleed time and resources away from our Council who need to be working on budgetary concerns and dealing with the ramifications of Covid-19. I worry that Council meetings could take on a circus-like atmosphere making constructive meetings impossible. Also, the very idea of circulating a petition during this global health crisis should concern us all.

The challenges of addressing Turlock’s budget problems and mitigating the impacts of Covid-19 to our economy, health and safety, will not be fixed by accident or by someone outside our community. These challenges require a consensus based, focused, sustained effort by our Council and residents. A recall effort of any candidate on our council right now, regardless of the outcome, will damage our community. I strongly encourage the residents of District 3 not to sign the petition to recall Councilmember Nosrati.         

— Matt Beekman