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Reelect Gil Esquer for Turlock’s District Two

Gil Esquer has shown in the four years he has been a Council Member for District Two that he is a good competent person. He studies the issues and does the research and then makes a decision. He is one of the most composed and fair minded members on the council, and he always respects other people’s views and opinions.

He is very knowledgeable of District two and our issues. Gil has the experience and knows how to get things done in our City, and he is eager to continue on with the work he has started. He is a member of many City and County committees and his contributions are valued by staff and his fellow committee members.

We need to reelect Gil Esquer so he can continue as our Council Member for District Two, to make Turlock a better place for all Turlock citizens. We need his experience and knowledge at this time to guide our City into the future. Gil is ready to continue serving us here in District Two, please vote to reelect Gil Esquer.

— Milt Trieweiler