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Saturday’s debate — Denham was on point
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Jeff Denham was on point during Saturday’s debate. We are sick and tired of doing the same old song and dance every two years. Every election cycle the Democrats run someone who has weak ties to the district and is full of socialist ideas.

These liberal candidates constantly change their message and convictions depending on which group they are in front of. For instance, his opponent was first yes on partial-birth abortions and then no, saying that comment was a misunderstanding.  Come on!

Liberals/socialists blame Denham for not doing anything, but all you have to do is look at the new water storage bill or the countless stories of him helping veterans to know that’s not true. And then his opponent criticizes him for voting with President Trump 98 percent of the time!  Hey!  That sounds like even more reason to vote for Denham to me!  Economy! Jobs! The Constitution!  Yeah, Denham!

Frankly, we’re sick of being sold out by Bay Area liberals/socialists in this state, and I want Jeff Denham to know we have his back because he’s had ours!     

Vote Jeff Denham 2018!

 — Truman Jensen