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Secure my reproductive rights with a ‘yes’ vote on Prop 1

Dear editor,

The United States Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade gave all women in America the right to obtain a safe and legal abortion in 1973. Now that it's 2022 my reproductive rights could be in jeopardy. Proposition 1's outcome will determine whether or not I can control the outcome of my life if I get pregnant. If I got pregnant today, I wouldn't be able to support a child because I am unemployed and still a student. It would change the trajectory of my life. I wouldn't be able to finish school and it would derail everything I'm currently working for. That's why it is imperative abortions are written in the California constitution. If the unexpected occurred I would have a choice and an opportunity to look out for my best interest instead of being forced to do what the government wants me to. Many women around the world do not have this luxury. Countries where abortion is prohibited altogether also lack equal rights for women. If we were to ban abortion in the upcoming election, we'd also be taking a human right from women which sets us back decades since it has been a constitutional right since 1973.

— Robbi Waln