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Shame on the City of Turlock
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The city came out a couple of years ago while my parents were out of town for a few weeks, tore out their nice driveway, poured a new one that is cheap and has a place where the water sits. They also removed nice brass automatic lawn waters, replaced them with plastic, and didn’t even get them all reconnected.

The city also cut roots off of trees that have since died;  and put in a curb that only goes partially around the lawn (corner property). Right in the front where the front walk way is they stopped. They took away clean dirt, replaced it with Bermuda grass and rocks.

My parents went in to the city office and asked that the mess they made be straightened up but nothing was done. Daddy was ill and didn’t feel like pursuing the issues. (He died in 2009.) I’m sure if my parents would have made such a mess the city would have forced them to finish the job. At one time my parents’ yard was very pretty. Now my mother has tried to get the city to right their wrong but they say she waited too long!

To the City of Turlock: We loved and enjoyed having my daddy and won’t apologize to you for him living as long as he did!

— Carol Spurgin