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Soiseth asking the right questions
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Dear Editor,

I appreciate mayoral candidate Gary Soiseth’s willingness to ask the tough questions raised by Measure B.  Although I plan to vote in favor of the initiative, I appreciate Gary’s efforts to bring the details and fine print within Measure B to the forefront of public discussion.  

Gary has already demonstrated that he is a bold leader by questioning the impact Title 3 could pose to Turlock in particular.  No other candidate mentioned the need to secure a guarantee for the  $40 million for roads over seven years, nor the possible negative impact of Title 3. I respect Gary for recognizing that raising our sales tax to 8.1 percent is a serious decision.  

Turlock needs a leader who will ask these important questions before making decisions that directly affect its citizens.  Gary will provide the bold leadership that Turlock needs.  I am proud to place both a “Yes on Measure B” and “Soiseth for Mayor” sign in my yard.  I support Gary’s vision for change and his ability to question the status quo.  

 — Jesse Marchant