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Soiseth is focused on our region’s water supply issues
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In 2015, the Turlock Irrigation District Board unanimously approved a 50-year water sales agreement with the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA) that will provide up to 30,000 acre-feet of surface water annually for the citizens of Turlock and Ceres.  Voting on this agreement in the third year of the worst drought in recorded history was difficult, but making tough policy decisions for the best interest of our region is why I ran for the TID Board.

SRWA recently broke ground on the first stage of the water supply project, and I am happy that although a few city leaders have abandoned their support for the project, the majority on the City Councils of Turlock and Ceres have kept pushing forward to realize a more secure future where our region's ground water will benefit.

Our region faces an uncertain future with regulations on groundwater as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act gets implemented.  As a community we will need to make difficult decisions and investments to ensure our groundwater basin is sustainable. The SRWA drinking water project is the type of collaborative regional project that is needed in the future.

I was proud to support Gary Soiseth when he ran for Mayor in 2014. Gary was focused on our region's water supply issues and sought to bring the 30-year discussion around the surface water plant to a mutual agreement.  Within 6 months, TID and the cities of Ceres and Turlock had a water sales agreement.  I appreciate Gary's dedication and leadership as we make the investments that are vital for our community's future.

— Joe Alamo, TID Division 3 Director