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Soiseth is ready to lead our community
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As we come together to elect a new mayor, we are—in my opinion—at a crossroads.  It seems that major issues have not been addressed and difficult decisions have been delayed; there really is no more time to waste.  I certainly did not accomplish everything I hoped for in my time as mayor but I do know now that solving all of these issues will take an energetic, organized, and passionate leader who sees this job as a goal and not a hobby.  I have been fortunate enough to work with both mayoral candidates throughout the years and while I have immense respect for each of them, I am confident in my endorsement of Gary Soiseth.  

Gary has shown proven experience that comes from seeking more than the normal challenges in life. He has dedicated his life to solving the problems of people with many backgrounds, whether they are poor or powerful.  Gary has focused on solving problems within government, agriculture, and business, refusing to settle for focusing on just one of these areas.  Experience matters, especially the wide, difficult, challenging kind and not just the nine-to-five, business-as-usual kind.  Experience matters, and at 30—while not Turlock's youngest Mayor—Gary has packed in more life experiences than most at any age.  I have no doubt that Gary is ready to lead our community.  

Integrity matters, and I applaud Gary for instructing his campaign committee members, volunteers, and interns to refrain from negative attacks on his opponent.  Integrity matters, and the citizens of Turlock do not appreciate the untrue and negative hit pieces that we usually see associated with politicians at the state and national levels.  We would rather hear about the issues, and so far only Gary has expressed a specific vision, ideas, and plans to get us on track as a successful community.  

Gary views the mayor's job as a privilege, not a pastime; he knows the time, patience, and energy it will take.  He understands this is not about being a corporate boss, but rather being a servant to almost 70,000 "bosses," every citizen.

— Curt Andre