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Soiseth is my choice
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I'm pleased to offer my enthusiastic support and endorsement of Gary Soiseth for Mayor. I've known a majority of the candidates for many years, and they do not approach Gary's ability to understand the issues and to bring about the very best results for Turlock.

Turlock was a different place during the sixteen years that I served as mayor but even then, decisions were difficult; often rightfully doubted and sometimes proven wrong. But much was done, thanks to the visionary City Councils I was privileged to serve with; including the renovation of our Downtown, the establishment of Monte Vista Crossings; the investment in our job-creating Industrial Zone, and setting most of our City's growth limits, among many other good things. Not one of these occurred without criticism; it is human nature, I think, to resist change even when something must be done for our City's welfare, such as responding to our impending water crisis.

The easy choice, often demonstrated by campaigning mayoral candidates, is to promise much but offer no actual solutions; we can see that in this campaign. Turlock cannot afford a mayor who has no courage or vision in these challenging times. Gary has proven that he's not afraid of making difficult decisions; at times enjoying great success while also learning from the mistakes he and every other mayor, certainly myself, has made while trying to make our city even better.

I'm impressed with Mayor Soiseth's many accomplishments including moving forward with a real solution for our water problems, securing money from sources outside of our general fund to improve our roads, and working to strengthen our Police and Fire Departments. He is the ultimate, proud "cheerleader," tirelessly promoting the best of our community. He is passionate for Turlock; donating his Mayor's salary to local University students, and seems to be everywhere in his effort to improve the lives, jobs, and quality of life of everyone in our city. His positive attitude and enthusiasm are contagious.

A real sign of Gary's integrity is his continuing promise to remain positive and truthful. I don't believe any of us win if we vote for deception; whether it is here, in Sacramento, or in Washington. I am very grateful for a candidate who can choose to lead a positive and constructive campaign in the face of those who choose to do politics as usual.

These are challenging times, but times filled with opportunities for all of us. After four terms in office, I know what it takes to be Mayor. In my opinion, we have one choice, and that is to re-elect Mayor Gary Soiseth.