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Soiseth represents the best of Turlock
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My name is Vaughn Brenda and I wanted to talk about Gary Soiseth's dedication to Turlock. Gary and I grew up together: from attending Community Bible Study as kids, to sharing classes together at Julien Elementary on through Turlock High, to playing in his Turlock orchards, I am lucky enough to call Gary a lifelong friend.

When Gary attended Berkeley, Georgetown, and worked overseas in Afghanistan, he would come home on break and I got to hear various stories about all the projects he had been working on and we talked about what a difference we wanted to make here in Turlock. I’ve enjoyed helping Gary with his campaign by serving on his steering committee.

Gary has two remarkable qualities that I want to point out: one is that he’s a hard worker and the other is he’s very a great listener.  What better qualities could you ask for?  I am proud to publicly endorse Gary for Mayor of Turlock and I encourage voters to entrust Gary Soiseth with their vote.

— Vaughn Brenda