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State bailout is paying for reckless spending

Dear Congressman Harder, I see where your House party leadership is in their ‘throw money at it’ mode. This time they want to use the taxes of the entire country to bail out states. That these federal funds would, in many cases. help cover up the states’ past mismanagement and underfunded liabilities is more than likely. In the case of California, not only do we have those problems, we have an administration determined on using the funds extorted from our citizen to support people not only from another state but from another country.

As I am opposed to having my federal tax dollars also abused.

I submit the following:
— It is unjust to make taxpayers in states who have acted responsibly pay for the reckless spending of other states.
— A bailout disincentivizes state governments from cutting wasteful spending and balancing their budget.
— A bailout sets a bad precedent and further incentivizes fiscal irresponsibility.
I realize that you are a fierce adherent to your leaders’ positions, but as hope spring eternal, I ask you to do what is more beneficial to the country and not vote for any state bailout proposals.
— Charles R. Shetron