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Targeting of public employees wont fix economy
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Dear Editor,

The repeal of collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin is an outrageous, partisan stunt that defies public support, democracy, and precedent, and should be a wake-up call to the middle class — what is left of it.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker targeted nurses, teachers, and firefighters just trying to support their families - hardworking women and men who provide critical services to our communities. California lawmakers should know that going after these public employees will have enormous consequences.

Even though public employees aren’t responsible for California's fiscal challenges, they’ve still made considerable sacrifices. Nationwide, more than 397,000 state and local workers have lost their jobs since 2008.

Numerous reports show that these employees already make less than their counterparts in the private sector.

If politicians were serious about tackling the deficit, they wouldn’t be handing out tax breaks to the same CEOs that got our economy into this mess. Once again CEO greed is taking control of the national discussion and we are headed for larger troubles.

Our elected officials should focus instead on the issues that matter to California taxpayers: restoring balance in our economy and creating the good American jobs that power the middle class.


— Terri Pinkney