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Tax payers should not have to pay for another dog park
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Now the City of Turlock, which is evidently hemorrhaging money, wants to build another dog park!
This time they intend to place the dog park in the center of a very quiet upper-middle class community. This project will bring noise, horrible odors and congestion. Moreover, persons with mal-intentions will have justification for scouting the neighborhood. Perhaps the City of Turlock plans to hire 10 or 20 more police officers to “follow-up” on the vandalism and burglaries that will surely ensue.
Turlock city management is definitely out of control!
We don’t have money to build facilities or parks for children or provide them with important after-school programs, etc. or hire needed additional police officers, firefighters, EMTs, etc., but we’d better provide a dog park for those people who want the dog owner “status” but don’t want to deal with it in their own yards or neighborhoods.
The City of Turlock has an unsuccessful track record when it comes to using taxpayers’ monies. They are apparently not satisfied with destroying three miles of bike trail or enhancing the pleasures of child abuse by rebuilding the Turlock High School football stadium, now they want to waste money by providing another unnecessary dog park.
If people want to own dogs, then they should own up to the responsibility and not expect those of us who do pay taxes to shoulder their burden. If a person does not have the necessary space or facilities to keep or exercise a dog, then make another choice. Entitlement is not covered under the U.S. Constitution.
How about a chicken park for our pet chickens, or what about a park for those pesky homeless people or laid off teachers?
— Kenneth and Beverly Garst