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The kindness of a police officer showed me God's love
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I have been outside for three months and so far I thought it was hard. The last few days showed me just how bad it could be.

I was on the porch suffering with flies and mosquitoes, and don't forget the dirt. I also shared the porch with someone who called me a friend. After she used me and threw me to the trash, I finally went to the park to be homeless. Well, my friend God took over control of my life and needs.

I was so tired of no food or sleep and worrying, that I fell asleep mid-day and woke up at 12:30 a.m. to my granddaughter saying, "Grandma, wake up." A few minutes later, the police came and God sent the angels along. The officer began to talk with me. I got no ticket for sleeping at the park, like the homeless normally receive. I asked the officer for water so I could take medicine and he went to his car and brought me a juice that his wife sent in his lunch bag. To my surprise, he left and returned with food from Jack in the Box.

Saying goodbye and thank you, it made me cry to know that God was awake so late and took care of me.

Today, I will trust my God for all my needs and invite you to do so too. I am old and single, but glad to know I'm still loved.

— Terri Siegfried