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The middle class is going, going...
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I was listening and reading about the plight of yet another successful industry going out of business — the dairy industry. Dairy folks receive generous subsidies, but still aren’t protected against mountains of regulations or imports. What really is happening it that the corporations want all those cows to be corporate cows and some poor guy from Paraguay to come in and do all the work of taking care of dairy cows then get lost.
You see, the dairy folks have big houses, big trucks, a timeshare in Winnimucca, a boat and put their 2.5 kids through college. The billionaire boys club who run the neo-colonial global economy want to take that small business’s hard-earned wealth and add it to their profit margins.
My brother said that the government is socialist. I said, no, they’re civil servants. The government enforces the laws written by the lawyer politicians of the grand old theft parties whose clients are the rich. So it’s really big money going after smaller, less organized businesses, isn’t it? Come on, the janitors really didn’t melt down the global economy.
For example, cutting off the water to our southern industries didn’t make them conserve more. They simply transferred their companies to Brazil. Brazilian corporations have lots of water and can spray whatever they want on crops. They don’t have to worry about labor disputes or porta potties in the groves or containers full of clean water for the ag workers.
Every recession since the Arab oil embargo was a scheme to take the wealth from the American middle class. The middle class is going, going and soon to be gone.
— Michael Maggetti