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Is there really anything being done to solve the homeless problem in Turlock?
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Once again Turlock City has made an effort to clean up ‘tent city’ in Broadway Park (Turlock Journal, Jan. 12, 2019) by removing what little possessions the homeless own. How does that solve anything? The homeless simply go about collecting more possessions. The endless cycle continues.

The number of homeless in this community is rising, causing many problems for Turlock residents, shoppers and the homeless.

The homeless sleep along the highway and road ways, stacking up garbage. They linger at the public library, some local businesses, fast food restaurants and restaurants. Many sit very near the entrance asking for food or money.

Many homeless wander through local parking lots so desperate for help, that some are becoming aggressive.

I am not unsympathetic to the deplorable situation of the homeless, but this problem has become unsanitary and unsafe for all. Many of the homeless need medical care.

As a woman, I feel very uneasy shopping at local stores and eating at restaurants alone. There are some businesses I do not frequent anymore.

Is there really anything being done to solve this problem? Only the City Council has the power to solve this dilemma. How long will this problem be ignored?

— Ellen Swann