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Theres one real farmer here
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Everyone knows that Jeff Denham isn’t a real famer. He’s got a nice clean tractor for his signs and a small acre land in Atwater that he leases out. Denham’s business isn’t farming, it’s Denham Plastic. Jeff’s farming credentials are as real as plastic fruit.

The only real famer in this congressional race is Michael Eggman. Michael is a local bee keeper and farmer. His farm is right down the street in Turlock. He’s been farming for years and knows how the ag economy works. Farms depend on the environment, so it is only natural that Eggman supports responsibly protecting the Valley’s resources. He knows that conservation and good stewardship of our natural resources and treasures is the only way to secure a sustainable agriculture future.

It’s not apples and oranges, there’s no comparison. Michael Eggman is the real farmer.

— Anthony Castillo, Turlock