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This wasn’t the time or place for politics
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It was so disappointing to see Rep. Jeff Denham and Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth turn the dedication of Turlock’s transit center in Roger K. Fall’s name into an opportunity to promote themselves. The event was about the late Roger Fall and his selfless dedication to the city of Turlock and his working to make the transit center a reality. Denham used it to promote what he said he has done for the city, discussing topics that had nothing to do with Roger Fall. Soiseth was right there backing up Rep. Denham.

This was shameful and embarrassing to many in the audience and an insult to Roger Fall’s family who had come from Idaho for the event. Just because you are elected officials, doesn’t mean it’s always about you.

People talk about the importance of character in our elected officials. It was not on display. Both men could have learned a lot from the selflessness and humility of the late Roger Fall. Please remember this when it’s time to vote in November.

– Brad Christian, Turlock