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Trying to get Denham to hear his constituents
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I recently had the displeasure of calling Stanislaus Congressman Jeff Denham’s office to politely ask him to vote against the GOP tax bill. I voiced my concerns that it will harm middle class people while exploding the deficit, concerns someone who claims to be fiscally responsible should agree with. However, the staffer, rather than doing her job of registering my comments and passing them on to the congressman, argued with me, repeatedly interrupted as I tried to speak, and then blatantly lied about what the bill would do. She claimed the loss of state and local tax deductions would only affect wealthy Bay Area residents. This is demonstrably false, and in fact the GOP bill would be a gift to the wealthy class, including corporate owners such as Jeff Denham. Disagreement on issues is one thing, but if you have to lie (or pay people to lie) to convince people of your stance, what does that say about your stance? What does that say about you? Next November, elect someone besides wealthy elitist Jeff Denham and his unprofessional staff.

— Anna Jensen, Turlock