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Turlock has an issue

The laws for the City of Turlock are contained in our Turlock Municipal code: When this code is broken, it is a violation of the law. In the United States all citizens have a civic responsibility to see that our elected officials are following the laws of our City.

The saddest part about this is that many in this City, including council members and city staff are aware of the issue, and have not said or done anything to correct this injustice.

The goal of the citizens in District 2 is to see that the municipal code that 74% of the Turlock citizens voted for, when they approved Electoral Districts in 2014 is followed and upheld. Here is the code:

“District Council members: One member of the City council shall reside in each of the 4 Electoral Districts established by the ordinance, and shall be elected by a vote of the voters of that district only. Each district shall elect one council member; A council member of each district must live in that district and must be a registered voter in that district to be eligible to hold the office of council member for that district.”

Each council member must reside within the district for the full term of office; termination of residency within the district shall create an immediate vacancy for that Council District.

The Committee for Fair Representation in District 2, will be meeting with the Turlock City attorney to address this issue, because in the United States, no one is above the law.
— Milt Trieweiler, District 2 resident