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Turlock is Lucky to have Soiseth as Mayor
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I had no idea how lucky I was to grow up in an amazing town like Turlock. Now as I contemplate my return to the Valley, I spend way too much time following the upcoming election. The choice for Mayor is clear: Gary Soiseth, hands down.

I first witnessed Gary’s helpful nature in high school math - letting me copy his notes after missing a day or taking time to make sure I understood something. That nature stuck with him through his life and career. Gary will listen, empathize, and address the needs of all Turlock residents (contrary to statements made by other Mayor candidates and a certain “news” site with a personal vendetta). During his time in Afghanistan, I was reminded of what I already knew: This guy puts the needs of others ahead of his own. Why wouldn’t you want this man running your city?

Soiseth is heavily involved in the community – not because he has to, but because he wants to. He has Turlock in his blood and on his heart. Some say he’s too involved. Would they prefer someone asleep at the wheel in the city they were elected to serve? You will not find a more devoted candidate in the current mayoral race.

Gary is also an example of how one detail of one’s personal life does not define who they are or limit their ability to do amazing things. Without doubt, Gary has created a sense of safety and security for those younger citizens hiding in fear because of who they are. His brave choice to share a very private part of his life gave Turlock’s younger community, our future leaders who may be struggling, a role model to look up to. I know because I lived in that fear.

If you have not met Gary personally, I encourage you to do so before casting your vote. I bet he will make time to meet with you, listen to you, talk with you and not at you. Turlock is lucky to have Gary as its Mayor, showing our next generation how to lead effectively and with compassion. Let’s not take a step back. Let’s continue to move Turlock forward while staying true to our roots. Gary Soiseth is the clear and only choice…and I can’t wait to be back soon.

— Nick Smith