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Turlock needs Measure A

I've lived in Turlock all of my 68 years. All of those years on the "West Side," by the way. There was the time, as a small boy, I answered the front door and met a man running for city council named Enoch Christofferson. In this lifetime I've never seen my hometown facing such a dire financial emergency as we face now.

Please, my fellow citizens, vote Yes on Measure A. For less than a penny, we can save our hometown from bankruptcy and ruin. I've been attending (or viewing these days) our council meetings for many years. It's all been transparent, I've watched it with my own eyes. It's time to face our public responsibility and chip in that faction of a cent called for in Measure A. For less than a penny increase, we can improve our police and fire departments, make our residential streets better, save Columbia Pool, create a community center, and much more. 

All it will cost each of us is less than a penny... and our vote.

— Dale Parkinson