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Vote ‘No” on Measure A

The proponents of Measure A would want you to believe that it is about fixing roads, improving 911 emergency response, and solving the homelessness problem. If approved, Measure A will increase sales tax revenues 84% with no guarantee where and how this windfall will be spent.

Turlock does not have a revenue problem. From 2012-2019, General Fund revenues and expenses increased 48.0% while population grew by only 4.7% over the same 7-year period.

The current City of Turlock pension and benefit program for its employees is unsustainable and throwing more money at a broken system does not solve the problem. Without meaningful reform, costs will continue to grow with no relief in sight. In FY 2015-16 annual pension costs were $5.7 million and by FY2024-25 are forecast to grow to $14.1 million!

The residents of Turlock need to hold our elected officials and staff accountable for controlling expenses and spending tax funds wisely by eliminating waste, reigning in burdensome benefit costs, and finding more efficient and effective methods to deliver services.

Vote NO on Measure A.

— Jim L. Theis