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Vote ‘no’ on Prop 27 & keep your money safe and your loved ones safer

Dear Editor,

I am saddened by the new bill that is being proposed as it promotes gambling. You might ask what bill are you talking about and how does it promote gambling? Prop 27 allows sports betting apps to make bets about players and games like the NBA, NFL and even the NHL, these bets will be taxed, with 15% going to tribes and 85% going to the homeless.

You might think this is a good idea, but you would be wrong. Sports gambling is highly addictive, which could cause homelessness not help it. There are many families who have someone who is affected by a gambling addiction, this bill will put more families on the street rather than keep people off. I know from personal experience that if my uncle could bet on his favorite team, he might waste his life savings on a few games and not be able to pay his rent in the future.

These apps don’t care about you, they only care about your money so why give them the chance to take your hard-earned money? Instead of gambling invest your money in something lucrative like real estate or business; don’t fall into a trap you can’t get out of. I urge you to vote no on Prop 27, keep your money safe and your loved ones safer.

— Michael Schwartz