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We need affordable health care
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First, I want to profoundly thank Representative Dennis Cordoza for standing up and voting for affordable health care.
My story is like most low income seniors in this country. I am a 73-year-old woman with brittle diabetes and heart disease and many other complications.  I take 13 different medications and six injections every day.
I want to enjoy the rest of my life without the worry about how I am going to get my medication next month and the month after that and on and on. My Rx provider decides what medications I get not my doctor, although I do remember the times when doctors decided on my medications.  
I have to settle for a lower quality and less effective drug for my ailment because my pharmacy provider won't allow what my doctor wants me to have, which are better for my health. Some medications I can't get at all because my Insurance will not carry them.
The medical Insurance providers also decide what treatment I can or cannot have.
I am in America for God’s sake! I want to be able to die with dignity and know I have had the best care possible in my country which is being taken over by greedy Insurance companies, not to mention politicians that line their pockets by reducing my time here on earth and dare to call it COST EFFECTIVE!
— Alicia Miller