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We need Brad again
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Dear Editor,

I was able to serve on the Turlock City Council (1988-1996. My primary focus on the Council was the budget. Turlock is at a very crucial point. Our current city council, which includes both of the other two major candidates, has made poor financial decisions in the past few years. In August after less than one month on the job, Robert Lawton the new city manager, warned the council and Turlock citizens that without a change in direction, the city was headed for a fiscal meltdown.

I have known Brad Bates since we were classmates at Turlock High School, and I served with him on the City Council when he was previously mayor. He was a very effective and fair leader of the City Council. In fact, he was reelected to his second term with 89 percent of the vote. After Brad served as Mayor, he continued to serve the community by spearheading the Children’s Play Park project in the 1990s and being a proactive citizen of Turlock.

We need Brad again. He will seek out the solutions to the challenges we face to fix our roads, deal with the homeless population, confront criminal activity and restore financial stability to Turlock. Brad announced early in his campaign that he would not seek the endorsement of either of the large public employee associations, as he did not want any appearance of favoritism between departments. While other candidates tout their endorsements by competing interests, Brad will be a fair and impartial Mayor.

I know from firsthand experience that Brad Bates is the only candidate with the experience, wisdom, and leadership skills we desperately need. Please consider these thoughts as you make your decision on how you will vote in the mayoral race.

— Ron Hillberg