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We need more creative solutions
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Dear Editor,

 Turlock City Council members Ted Howze and Kurt Spycher seem to want to ruin Turlock by firing everyone in sight and shutting down the City government. What we need are more sources of income for the City. Some towns make money from municipal golf courses; we make money from municipal baseball diamonds. We need many more income streams. Let's hear some creative ideas for the future so this type of current crisis can be avoided. How about a municipal bowling alley in the old Mervyn's building? How about generating and selling electricity from solar panels on every publicly owned roof in town or even a solar or wind energy farm or two?

We can create jobs locally and create City income for the future. Then we could just ignore people whose only proposed solutions are negative and destructive. Some people may live here, but by their thinking, they just aren't Turlock.



— Dale Parkinson