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We need to return to an honest, ethical Council: Vote for Esquer

Every Turlock Citizen should be alarmed about what has happened to our City since January 2021. Bublak proposed a scheme for road repair that would have cost the Turlock taxpayers up to $240 million over 25 years. The plan was to build roads by leasing out our streets to borrow the necessary funds, and then pay interest on the borrowed money. Fortunately, one of our Staff members and some alert citizens foiled that move. This scheme would have put the City in tremendous debt and the roads couldn’t have been constructed in a short period of time because there simply aren’t enough road contractors to handle that much work.

Bublak wanted to put the ACE commuter train station in downtown Turlock; this would have overwhelmed our downtown parking and would not be easy to access. That was resolved after much debate and the station will now be located near the Roger K. Fall Transit Center. There will be plenty of parking at the Transit Center and fairgrounds, and it is easily accessible by bus. Gil Esquer was the one who helped develop the plan for the ACE station at this location.

Bublak was opposed to the Surface water Treatment Plant (SRWA). She tried to kill the project when she was first elected mayor; I attended the SRWA meeting when this took place. Bublak has no foresight. Turlock residents needed a secure drinking water source, as well as adequate water to support growth in our Westside Industrial Zone. When Gil Esquer was on the SRWA Board he helped get SRWA project started.

More than 12 City staff members have left the City in the past 18 months, most are gone because of Bublak. That is 206 years of work experience the City of Turlock has lost. Mayor Bublak with two secure council votes is now in charge of municipal decisions beyond her knowledge; still she tries to control all decisions.

Bublak wasted 5 million dollars with her ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) scheme to give a minor refund on our garbage bills. After this refund period ends we will be paying much more for our garbage service. She should have spent these ARPA funds on a variety of significant and long-term projects, like equipment for the police or fire department, or a temporary shelter for the homeless. Bublak has broken promises to the Downtown businesses regarding homelessness issues.

We need to return to the honest, ethical and open City we once had. Your vote only counts when you vote, mark your ballot for Gil Esquer for Turlock mayor and get your ballot sent in.

— Milt Trieweiler